October 2017

Sad to announce that I will have to say goodbye to this website that served me for a long time. But excited to announce that a beautiful and up to date new website is under construction and will be online in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile busy with several inspiring projects: first of all new concerts coming up with my trio this year: A combined project from my trio with classical/contemporary pianist Saskia Lankhoorn entitled 'Musings from the Lowlands' - A Dutch ECM Night, premiere beginning of 2018: The project 'Ruins & Remains', a new collaboration with the Matangi Quartet and drummer Joost Lijbaart, work in progress: Combining forces with guitar wizard Raphael Vanoli in a duo project and last but not least concerts ahead with the Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet in connection with a new album release. More information soon to be found on the new website.... 


April 2016

Very excited and grateful to have my new trio album 'Black Ice' released on ECM Records this month.

September 2015

After a wonderful but short summer holiday now back on track.
Looking forward to a busy autumn to come filled with concerts with ao Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet, Batik and Susanne Abbuehl. I am happy to anounce that Yuri Honing's album 'Desire' has been nominated for the Edison Award. Last but not least: I am very excited and quite honoured to have had the opportunity to record an album in Lugano last July with my new trio which features Gulli Gudmundsson on double bass and Jasper van Hulten on drums. Release is scheduled for spring 2016. More news to follow soon. 

May 2013

Happy to hear that, together with NY based pianist and colleague Kris Davis,  I received a 'honorary mention' at the Paul Acket Award 2013. This is a Dutch award for 'artists deserving wider recognition'
This month the new album of Susanne Abbuehl will be released, a singer with whom I've been working for more than 15 years. The previous album dates from 2005 and I am glad we will now continue our collaboration, together with Mathieu Michel - fluegelhorn and Olavi Louhivuori - drums.

February 2013

It has been a long time since I left a personal note here.
2012 has been a very nice year playing wise. Lots of inspiring concerts with my own quartet in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and more recently in Italy and Austria. I felt the band and the music growing each time.
The last weeks I have been working on new repertoire for the next recording, work in progress.
Looking forward to concerts with my 4tet, Yuri Honing and with Susanne Abbuehl the coming months.
In May the new album of Susanne entitled The Gift will be released on ECM
Hope to see you at one of the coming concerts!

June 2011

Very happy with the wonderful reviews 'Post Scriptum' has been receiving so far internationally. It has now also been nominated for the Edison Audience Jazz Award 2011. If you like our music feel free to vote on Furthermore I have been working on music for two TV productions the past months, concerts with Batik and preparing to dive into a Berliner studio with the Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet. Looking forward to next season: solo concerts in Japan and hopefully many concerts with my own (and favourite) 4tet.

April 2011

New CD on ECM

Klaarlichte Nacht, Batik and new CD of the Wolfert Brederode Quartet

March 1, 2011

January was mainly filled with performing the theatre production 'Klaarlichte Nacht' with actor Felix Strategier and cellist Ernst Reijseger in Amsterdam. Very inspiring to work with them for the first time. The coming months we will still perform in several theatres throughout the Netherlands. Inbetween I played some nice concerts with the Yuri Honing Quartet and with 'Stories'. End of March I will perform with a new project called Batik. I am looking very much forward to the coming concerts with my own Quartet and the release of our new cd on ECM entitled 'Post Scriptum' in April.

December 9, 2010

Beginning of November I had a inspiring tour through Australia and Indonesia with the Yuri Honing Quartet. The lesser part was experiencing the active Merapi volcano and the colourless apocalyptic landscape around it up close.
The rest of the month was filled with concerts with ‘Stories’ in Austria and Switzerland and recordings with both ‘Hjemklang’ and Susanne Abbuehl in Germany and Norway.
During the last months I was also musing on a new project. A band with Joost Lijbaart-drums, Ed Verhoeff-guitars and Mark Haanstra-electric bass. Quite eager to play our first concerts in spring 2011. The coming months I will reserve time to write music especially for this line-up.
Until the Christmas break I am rehearsing with cellist Ernst Reijsiger and actor Felix Strategier for a theatre production around the Belgian poet Herman de Coninck. We’ve just started but it’s going to be real nice. Performances in January at the Roode Bioscoop.

October 1, 2010

End of August I had the luxury to play for a week with Joost Lijbaart in the Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam. Getting rid of the summer chops as they say. Great to dive deeper into existing material and to try out new songs. After that I performed with Claudio Puntin at the Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour in a totally crowded church, the reaction from the audience to our concert was truly overwhelming. A good debute as a duo. We liked it both so much we definately plan on doing more concerts in this setting.
In September I had a two week tour through Bolivia, Argentina and Brasil with the Yuri Honing Quartet. Concerts were big fun and I sincerely hope to perform again on that intriguing continent in the near future.
Last weekend a concert in a church near Stavanger, Norway, with a new project of singer Gjertrud Lunde called 'Hjemklang'. Beautiful music influenced by the rich Norwegian folk tradition. In this project I'm also happy to play again with German guitarist Florian Zenker. He has been a very important- and sound defining voice in a group of mine called Nimbus some years back.
Coming up soon are ao a concert with drummer Joost Lijbaart at the Akbank Jazz Festival in Istanbul and rehearsals in Switzerland for a new recording of singer Susanne Abbuehl.
Meanwhile I hope to squeeze in a date for mixing & mastering the new recorded material of my quartet in France within the coming two months. The band is sounding real good, my fingers are just aching to take the next step and mix & master the product so I can fully focus on the release next year. Patience is a gentle cause.

June 7, 2010

The last months were busy and nice. Some very fine concerts with my 4tet, 'Stories' and with the Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Rumania.
Beginning May I recorded again with my 4tet in the Studio La Buissonne in the Provence, beautiful studio in beautiful surroundings and a great time with my band. Looking forward to the release next year.
Now heading for a daddy-leave the coming two months, though still some nice concerts coming up with Yuri Honing and with my 4tet in June and July.

Wolfert Brederode Quartet, Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet and ‘Stories’

February 4, 2010

In January I had two small but very inspiring tours. First with my international quartet in Germany and Holland. Last time we played before that was in November at Belgrade Jazz Festival, too long ago to my taste. We also spent time rehearsing; exploring and fooling around with new material and then turning it upside down. Great fun. After this I was off to Switzerland and Germany with the Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet. Own material combined with songs from David Bowie, Milton Nascimento (what a composer!) and an occasional standard. We drove around quite some k’s through bizar weather conditions, but concerts definately made up for that (and the joking-around as well).
Looking forward now to two concerts with my quartet in Holland and Germany. Then I will be busy with a new project called ‘Stories’: a duo of the Austrian saxofonist Harry Sokal and me. About eleven years ago Harry joined my quintet, two years ago Harry asked me if I would join him for a duo recording. The resulting cd which will be presented in Austria and Holland end of February.

New website
February 3, 2010

Dear visitor, welcome to my new website. Quite some things have changed in my professional life over the past years, different projects and groups, new releases etc. So I felt that after almost ten years it was time for a website which reflected more what I am up to these days. In general I strived for a more basic and calm outlook, less text (though there’s still the necessary info), more music and utter user friendly.  Some pages are still under construction but will soon be finished. I believe Sander did a wonderful job so far and I surely hope you will enjoy this website as well.

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